#TERSD2018 Keynote Presentations

Emilia Nhalevilo Anna Robinson-Pant Peter Taylor  Bal Chandra Luitel Kenneth Tobin Bishal Sitaula  Ven. Lungtaen Gyatso


Dear Delegates, Volunteers and Supporters  

We are very much thankful to your active participation in the Second International Conference on Transformative Educational Research and Sustainable Development (Oct 6- 8, 2018).

We hope your safe journey back home and we expect your similar enthusiasm in the Third International Conference on Transformative Educational Research and Sustainable Development (2021). 

The website for the Third TERSD shall be prepared by the end of this year and communicated to all of you. 

Likewise, we also communicate for your conference papers for the purpose of e-proceedings and KUSOED’s in house Journal of Education and Research. 

Best wishes from 

Bal Chandra Luitel, Binod Prasad Pant, and Suresh Gautam